Friday, October 3, 2008

October Hope

I don't mean to dwell so much on one thing, but this is SO important to me. This is breast cancer awareness month. There are so many women that I know that have been touched by breast cancer including myself. If there is one thing that I learned through my experience is that there is always hope. For anyone out there who is going through cancer right now, know that there is hope. It is scary. Surgery and treatment are not fun, but, there is hope. Followup is extremely important after finishing treatments. Please, remember that early detection is the key. Keep thinking pink!
Until tomorrow, Sandra J

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Thursday, October 2, 2008


My favorite Bible verse(actually chapter) is Hebrews 11. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. " There can be no peace in life without faith in God. What else is there? For one example, take the stock market-people put all of their faith and hope into money and earthly things and they can be gone with a bad day on the stock exchange. I love all of the stories of the people that had such faith in God. Abel, Enoch, Noah,Abraham, Sarah,Isaac,
Jacob, Moses, Joseph all had this faith. I think the story of Enoch is too cool. Can you imagine being so close to God that you don't die, one he just takes you? Wow! Hebrews says " By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, "and was not found because God had taken Him."(Hebrews 11:5). I don't know how people survive this life here without the faith that God has something better prepared for us. Every human faces sickness, trials, hard times, etc. It is just so much easier knowing that we are just visiting here and our real home is in heaven. It kind of makes a difference in the way that you look at everything. I live knowing that everyday of my life is in God's hands.
Until tomorrow, Sandra J

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pink October

October is a very important month to me. Not just because Ray and I were both born in October. (Even though that is important). October is breast cancer awareness month. Two years ago this month, I had a mammogram after a "few" years of neglecting to have one. It turned out that I had a malignancy show up on the mammogram. I subsequently had a lumpectomy and sentinal lymph node biopsy. By the time I had surgery, the cancer was actually only a third of the size that showed on the mammogram. And people think that God is not still in the miracle business! I know that if not for the prayers of my family, my church family, friends, and even strangers, things could have been a lot worse. I only had to have six weeks of radiation and no chemo. I know how very blessed I am. So now I am a cancer Survivor. The chance of a return or new ocurrence is always there, but, I can't waste today worrying about what could happen tomorrow. My whole point is that we as women don't always take care of ourselves the way we should. We put our children and spouses ahead of ourselves. October is a good time to schedule your mammogram-you will always be reminded by all the pink ribbons that it is time to schedule each year. Don't forget self-exams, but they are not enough. I had no lump and no idea that I had breast cancer. Take the time to call, email, text, however you communicate with your mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Tell them you love them and encourage them to have a mammogram. Think Pink!
Until tomorrow, Sandra J

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness
I have been giving a lot of thought to what a random act of kindness is. I have decided that for me kindness is not random. As a Christian, it should be my way of life. I think that you have to set your mind to see people through the eyes of Jesus. Cashiers who are rude to you at the supermarket checkout are a challenge to love and be kind to-but maybe they need that smile or one word from you to change the way their day is going. I try to remember that something may be going on in a person's life that I don't know about that affects the way they act and treat people. We all have our moments(I know I do). In the Christian walk, love and kindness are not an option. You would be surprised at what a smile will do for people. Don't forget to pray for the people you come in contact with. You can be a blessing in their lives.Until tomorrow, Sandra J