Saturday, April 11, 2009

He is Risen!

Easter is my favorite holiday to celebrate. That is because this is it-the basis for our faith. We worship a living Savior! Remember what Easter is all about.

She watched as the sun rose
And to His tomb she went
Her heart, it ached inside her
And all her tears were spent
As she drew near, she noticed
That something was going on
For the tomb was empty
And away the stone was rolled.

The man, He walked up to her
And she began to weep
Someone has come and taken Him
While we were all asleep
And in a voice familiar
He gently called her name
Her eyes were opened to the risen Lord
And her life was never the same.

I walked through life not able
To see the risen Lord
I thought that pains and hopelessness
Were all that life could afford
Until a gentle, loving voice
Sweetly called my name
My eyes were opened to Jesus
And my life has never been the same.

copyright 2006 Sandra Ward Johnson

We have no promises that life will be easy, but we have a Savior who walks with us every step of the way. By His grace and sacrifice, we have the promise that this world is only a stopping point on our way to heaven
He is Risen! Happy Easter!

Until next time, Sandra J